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Kenzington Hopson

Kenzington always has a welcoming smile on her face and she is constantly striving to be the best person she can be. Kenzington sets good examples and is a consistent role-model for all to follow. She takes ownership of her work and actions and initiative daily. Great job, Kenzington!

- Kenzington Hopson - 5th Grade

Olivia Trueblood

Olivia is a hard worker who always has a positive attitude. She is such an amazing girl and we are all so proud of her. She is kind, respectful, and never has a negative word to say about anyone or anything. We can always count on Olivia to be a great role model. Thank you, Olivia, for taking initiative to do your best at SMS!

- Olivia Trueblood- 5th Grade

Dustin Hilyard

Dustin is a very kind student who has been making good choices during unstructured time. He is taking initiative when he needs guidance on an assignment. He is a pleasure to be around and we enjoy having him in class! Keep up the awesome work, Dustin!

- Dustin Hilyard - 5th Grade

Luke Bryan

Luke demonstrates the "Indian Expectations" on a daily basis. He's kind and courteous to school staff and students. He leads by example in the classroom and is always willing to offer an extra hand to a student in need and include others in group settings. His leadership, drive and dependability are contagious. Way to go, Luke!

- Luke Bryan - 6th Grade

Galiena Vonderembse

Galiena is a student with a stellar attitude, unwavering attention to detail in all school tasks and is kind to all her classmates. She is prepared each and every day for class. She always has a smile and displays a quiet confidence! I can count on Galiena to have a caring heart, great work ethic and she is an advocate for herself and will help her classmates to better themselves! Well done, Galiena!

- Galiena Vonderembse - 6th Grade

Witten Brinkman

Witten Brinkman is an outstanding student. He comes to class every day with a smile and ready for whatever is planned for the day. When he leaves class every day, he makes sure to thank his teachers! The Indian Expectations honestly come second nature to this fine young man! We are very proud of your efforts to take initiative and ownership daily at SMS! Good job, Witten!

- Witten Brinkman - 6th Grade

Jackson Paulik

Jackson is a kind and hard-working young man who always shows incredible motivation and puts his best effort into assignments. He always comes to class with a positive attitude and is prepared. His dedication to his studies and athletics will be a great asset to his academic and athletic career. The future is very bright for him. Keep it up, Jackson!

- Jackson Paulik - 7th Grade

Hannah Kallenberg

Hannah is a great student! She is always prepared and follows directions right away. She takes ownership of her work and wants to do well in her classes. While Hannah is quiet and focused in class, she has made a noticeable effort recently to participate more and show what she knows. She has a great friend group and advocates for the people around her. We’re proud of you, Hannah!

- Hannah Kallenberg - 7th Grade

Emma Seibert

Emma takes initiative when it comes to her studies. She wants to do well and is always trying her best in the classroom. She will advocate for herself and when she needs help will always ask for help. She is always willing to help others when asked for help. She is a student others can count on. Awesome job, Emma!

- Emma Seibert - 7th Grade

Isaiah Hodges

Isaiah is a hardworking student who is always looking to help others. When students miss school, he is quick to help catch them up with notes about discussions they may have missed. He asks teachers if they need help with anything after completing his work and comes in with a smile and a positive attitude each day. Isaiah is a fantastic student and a better person. We appreciate you, Isaiah!

- Isaiah Hodges - 8th Grade

Quinn Brittain

Quinn is always prepared for class and is very polite. She takes initiative by asking questions and seeking advice when she doesn't understand something. She takes ownership of her learning by participating in class often. She demonstrates resilience daily and we want her to know that we recognize this. Way to go, Quinn!

- Quinn Brittain - 8th Grade

Hayden Martin

Hayden demonstrates consistent, sustained effort to be the best student she can be. She takes ownership and initiative daily in the classroom by being on task and engaged with whatever we are learning. Even when she struggles with a concept, she shows resilience by working at it until she understands. She is kind and courteous with both her peers and adults. Great work, Hayden!

- Hayden Martin - 8th Grade