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Celeste Wenning

Celeste is a great girl! She is strong academically and always gives 100%. Celeste goes above and beyond what her teachers expect, showing initiative and taking ownership regularly. Celeste is kind, respectful, and a positive role model for the other students. We appreciate her hard work and are very proud of you, Celeste!

- Celeste Wenning - 5th Grade

James Dwyer

James is a great kid who always does the right thing. He is a quiet leader who works hard and treats others with respect. James is not afraid to ask for help when needed. He consistently follows the rules, exhibits good character, and puts forth his best effort. He is a great friend to his peers and a positive student role model. We are really proud of James!

- James Dwyer - 5th Grade

Macie Mort

Macie works hard every single day! She takes her time and completes her work to the best of her ability. When Macie has been absent, she perseveres and takes ownership of getting all of her assignments completed. She is always positive and is a great role model for her classmates. Great work, Macie!

- Macie Mort - 5th Grade

Hannah Cox

Hannah is a fabulous role model for Shawnee students! She gives it her all and then some in class, always participating and asking what else she can do to help teachers and her peers. She is very respectful to all and includes anyone who might need a friend. If Hannah continues the path she is currently on, her future will be bright as a successful leader! Way to go, Hannah!

- Hannah Cox - 6th Grade

Logan Foster

Logan is always willing to help out his classmates when they have questions about schoolwork. He will take the time out of his own schedule to help others! He even spends two to three days per week of his study hall time helping a student from another country learn English. Logan is a role model for his peers and is a fabulous representative of Shawnee Middle School!

- Logan Foster - 6th Grade

Jackson Gould

Jack truly leads by example at SMS. He is respectful, takes initiative in the classroom, and is always working to his full potential. Jack is a kind friend and a trustworthy student. You can always find him with a big smile on his face, ready to learn. He exudes all of our Indian Expectations and is a great representative out in the community where he enjoys extracurricular activities!

- Jackson Gould - 6th Grade

Gabe Ditto

Gabe consistently demonstrates exemplary preparedness for his classes. Within the classroom environment, he actively engages in discussions, readily offering assistance to peers who may be struggling. Gabe takes ownership and initiative daily. His dedication is truly commendable. Keep up the exceptional work, Gabe!

- Gabe Ditto - 7th Grade

Jameson Stover

Jameson is a very outgoing student and always ready to participate in class. He likes to tell stories and have conversations with those around him, but also knows when to be quiet and focus his attention on the lesson. Jameson stays on top of his assignments and takes ownership daily. He is a great friend and well rounded with all the activities he is involved in. Great work, Jameson!

- Jameson Stover - 7th Grade

Charlotte Brautigam

Charlotte is a valuable member of our middle school community. She is courteous, respectful and hard working. She works hard to complete assignments to the best of her ability and is also an avid reader. Charlotte represents what is best about our middle school students and we are so happy to have her here!

- Charlotte Brautigam - 7th Grade

Jahniyah Holbrook

Jahniyah shows Indian Expectations on the daily - she's always prepared and willing to put in the work to learn something new. She faces struggles with an indomitable spirit, and is always cheerful. She asks great questions and is never afraid to try something again in order to really get it right. She's a positive role model for all those around her. We’re proud of you, Jahniyah!

- Jahniyah Holbrook - 8th Grade

Keely Basil

Keely Basil is a young woman with a huge heart! She always seeks to make other students feel included and valued. Keely goes out of her way to speak to students who may sometimes be left out and truly has a genuine interest in others. She is an asset to our school community for the way she takes initiative to include others and advocates for their needs. Way to go, Keely!

- Keely Basil - 8th Grade

Grace Nance

Grace is an outstanding student. She completes her work well and promptly. It is clear that she takes great pride in her schoolwork! Grace is also very respectful to her peers and teachers. She is always willing to help when needed. Grace’s actions and attitude are wonderful examples of our Indian expectations!

- Grace Nance - 8th Grade