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student of the month

Ribka Eyob

Ribka was nominated by staff because she exemplifies everything we want in our students: dedication, leadership, kindness, respect. It has been evident that she is very passionate about everything she does and she is always willing to go the extra mile without being asked to. She is quite simply one of our very best.

- Ribka Eyob- 12th Grade

Tate Bender

Tate was nominated by staff because he leads by example and has the ability to work well with anyone. He is dedicated to growth and rises to any challenge he faces. He is kind to his peers, works hard, and demonstrates exceptional character. Tate makes good choices in and out of the classroom, which has a positive impact on our school community. His positive behavior and leadership skills are much appreciated and have not gone unnoticed.

- Tate Bender - 11th Grade

Arianna Pacchiarotti

Arianna was nominated by staff because she is very positive, respectful, and compassionate. She has a tremendous work ethic and dedication to her studies. Arianna is diligent with every task and offers insightful thoughts to the classroom. She is self-driven, motivated, and possesses a contagious smile. Arianna is a wonderful example of our Indian Expectations!

- Arianna Pacchiarotti - 10th Grade

Michayla Browning

Michayla was nominated by staff because she is a very responsible student, who is always ready to help. As a student aide, she volunteers her time to help class run smoothly and offers her input when asked. She also makes sure to have assignments completed on time. Michayla chooses to look on the bright side and is also very down to earth.

- Michayla Browning - 9th Grade