The information on the Final Form is required for every student attending Shawnee Local Schools.

Students will be assigned only one pickup and one take home location. The only exception to this rule will be documented, court ordered shared custody.

In order for Shawnee Local Schools to provide a safe/quality transportation program for our students, these guidelines must be followed: 

  • Per Shawnee School’s Board Policy, Pick Up and Take Home may be different locations, but must be the same everyday of the week.
  • The information provided on this form must be current and accurate.
  • If any changes occur during the school year a new form is required 24 hours prior to the effective date of the change.


Please be advised, due to safety concerns for the students, the full capacity of many of the buses, and the number of bus passes issued, it has been determined this has become an unsafe practice.

The School Board has agreed that starting with the 2020/2021 School year, we will no longer issue bus passes. In the case where no one will be at the assigned bus stop for your student, parents will need to have their student picked up at school. This is for the SAFETY of our students.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep the children safe.

Please feel free to contact the Transportation Department if you have questions.

Mike Bosch
Transportation Supervisor


***Please check before school starts and call the Bus Garage @ 419-998-8047 or email mikeb@limashawnee.com if you need to update the information.

  • Click on Tyler’s Versatrans eLink Login Page
  • User Name is student id. Password is student's 8 digit birthdate.
  • Click “Work with Students”
  • Click “View My Students”
  • Click on name to see busing info

***Times and buses are subject to change due to additional transportation request, so please verify your times again before schools starts. Keep in mind that the buses are usually running late the first few weeks of school. Please have your student outside 5 minutes early.

***Don’t forget to Log-In to My Stop to track your student's bus during their scheduled route times for arrival times. See limashawnee.com for additional instructions.

My Bus Stop GPS System


Shawnee Transportation has software available that allows you to track the arrival time of your student’s school bus. This can be used on any internet accessible device such as a smart phone, computer, iPad, etc.

VERSATRANS website, https://versatransweb04.tylertech.com/shawnee/onscreen/login.aspx

Log-in using:

  • User Name (student’s ID/lunch number)
  • Password (date of birth) which will be unique to your student and his or her bus.

When entering the birth date, it must be 8 digits:

  • 1/2/2008 would be 01022008
  • 11/18/2015 would be 11182015

You can also download the app by searching for VersaTrans My Stop on Google Play or Apple App Store on your smart device.

**This will give you more accurate bus arrival times and assist you on 2 hour delays or even delays caused by traffic etc. **

**If your bus is not en route, is a sub bus without gps, or out of service, you will not be able to see your information when you log on.

Even though you are now able to track your student's bus, your student is still required to be at the designated stop prior to the arrival of the bus: As stated in the Ohio Pupil Transportation Operation and Safety Rules: 3301-83-08 Pupil transportation management policies C-1 “Pupils shall arrive at the bus stop before the bus is scheduled to arrive”

Should you need any assistance, please contact our office at 419-998-8034.