Reportable Communicable (Contagious) Diseases & When You Will Know

It has come to our attention that we need to better educate our families as to what we would do in case we had a student with a reportable communicable disease.

Please be aware that our School Nurses work very closely with the Allen County Health Department.

There are over 100 reportable communicable diseases in the State of Ohio. Here is how the process works:

  1. When someone gets lab work in the hospital or a lab which is positive for one of the more than 100 reportable diseases, it is faxed/called to their county health department's epidemiologist per Ohio Law.
  2. Our county epidemiologist receives the paperwork or is called after hours and quickly begins following our state and federal guidelines put forth by the Ohio Department of Health and Centers of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) to protect the public at large.
  3. This includes contacting School Nurses, if it involves a student, and working until all families affected would be notified and treated.

Thankfully, we have not had any cases involving reportable diseases, however, rest assured we are proactive and have your student's best interest at heart.

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