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ALICE Training District Wide - Friday June 1st
Community members: Shawnee Local School District will be conducting Active Shooter Training with staff members Friday, June 1st.  In an effort to avoid potential emergency calls to dispatch, Shawnee Twp. Police Chief Keith has asked us to notify you of this training, which will be taught by his staff. Although no live ammunition will be used, gun shots may be heard throughout the course of training. The High School will be used for training in the morning and Elmwood Elementary will be used in the afternoon. This training is part of our continued effort to provide a safe learning environment for students in our community. Thank you for your continued support.

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Five Year Forecast

Twice a year--once in October and once in May--school districts in Ohio  are required to file a five-year forecast with the Ohio Department of  Education. Five-year forecasts are simply an evaluation of the prior  three years’ financial activity of income and expenses (called  historical data), planned income and expenses for the current fiscal  year, and then forecasted (estimated) income and expenses for the final  four years of the forecast.
A five-year forecast is a good way  for the district’s board, treasurer and superintendent to make financial  plans for the future of Shawnee Local Schools. A well-prepared forecast  will provide a solid method of determining what lies ahead for the  future and whether any changes need to be made to current business  practices.
Please note there is an accompanying “Assumptions”  section to the forecast. The true value of the forecast rests with  reading and understanding the assumptions made for the numbers appearing  on the actual forecast.
If you have questions regarding the current five-year forecast, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at (419) 998-8033. 

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