Distinguished Alumni

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Distinguished Alumni

Kent McGough      
Kent McGough -- Class of 1935 (INDUCTED 1986)

Kent McGough distinguished himself as a leader in many civic organizations in the Columbus area for many years and also served in leadership roles in the Republican Party including being a delegate to two national Republican conventions. He was Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party from 1973-1977 and member of the Presidential Task Force from 1983-1985.
 Ray E Harshman      
Ray E. Harshman -- Class of 1944 (INDUCTED 1986)

Ray Harshman served as a project engineer for the Paul-Monroe Corporation in California and was nationally known for his expertise in hydraulic systems.  He was actively involved in the Space Shuttle Program and received numerous governmental citations for his work in the field of hydraulics.

Laura Archer Pulfer      
Laura Archer Pulfer -- Class of 1964 (INDUCTED 1987)

Laura Archer Pulfer excelled in the field of journalism. As an active resident of the Cincinnati community, she was not only involved in many civic projects but built the “Cincinnati Magazine” into an economically sound and well-known publication. She is regarded by her peers as a role model of success in a predominantly male profession. Laura also served on the President’s Council at Mt. St. Joseph College.

Hugh Downs      
Hugh Downs -- Class of 1938 (INDUCTED 1988)

Hugh Downs has enjoyed a distinguished career as a nationally recognized leader in radio, television, and investigative reporting.  His career in television broadcasting began in 1945.  He hosted the ABC 20/20 news magazine and for nine years hosted the NBC “Today” program. Hugh also helped launch the “Tonight Show” with Jack Paar in 1957.  He has authored books on several subjects. Shawnee’s Hugh Downs Auditorium honors the contributions of this successful Shawnee alumnus.
James G Baldridge      
James G. Baldridge -- Class of 1964 (INDUCTED 1989)

Jim Baldridge distinguished himself as a reporter and newscaster in Dayton, Ohio, where he covered the news for more than forty years. He joined WHIO-TV in 1972 and became its lead anchor in 1988. Jim traveled the nation and the world to report stories back to the Dayton listening area. He has received many accolades in broadcast journalism including awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
Daniel A Spyker

Daniel A. Spyker -- Class of 1960 (INDUCTED 1990)

Daniel Spyker has had a most successful and diversified career. He holds doctorates in both engineering and medicine. He was a pioneer during the mid-1960s in the use of computers in the field of medicine. Daniel was a professor of internal medicine and served as Director of Clinical Services for Pharmaceutical Research Associates in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Peggy Goodenow Lemaux 

Peggy Goodenow Lemaux -- Class of 1964 (INDUCTED 1991)

Peggy Goodenow Lemaux excelled in the field of microbiology and genetics and earned her doctorate in 1977. As a research scientist, she served in the department of plant genetics for Pfizer Research in Groton, Connecticut before joining the faculty at the University of California Berkeley as a Cooperative Extension Specialist with the responsibility of education programming relating to agriculture and foods. She has published several articles related to plant genetics.

D. Michael Crites

D. Michael Crites -- Class of 1966 (INDUCTED 1992)

Michael Crites graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1970 and holds the rank of Commander of the United States Naval Reserve. After graduating from law school, he began a career as a prosecuting attorney and was nominated by President Reagan as U.S. Attorney General for the Southern District of Ohio overseeing a staff of more than 90 federal prosecutors and support staff members.

Larry G Spees

Larry G. Spees -- Class of 1956 (INDUCTED 1993)

Larry Spees distinguished himself in the field of education where he actually began his career as a student teacher at Shawnee. He taught at the high school and collegiate levels and attained his doctorate in 1976. Larry served as a Professor of Education/Psychology at the University of Rio Grande since 1969. He received outstanding teacher awards and served in many capacities as an elevator of private colleges.

George C Rable

George C. Rable -- Class of 1968 (INDUCTED 1994)

George Rable has distinguished himself as an educator and a well-respected author in the field of American history. He received his doctorate from Louisiana State University and joined the faculty of Anderson University in 1979. George has authored three major books and several articles and has also received the Bluffton University Distinguished Alumni Award.

R. Stanley Tam

R. Stanley Tam -- Class of 1933 (INDUCTED 1995)

Stanley Tam distinguished himself as a businessman in the Lima community first in forming a company to reclaim unused silver from photographic solutions and later diversifying into plastics serving more than 80,000 customers worldwide. He is Past-President of WTGN Christian Radio and holds an honorary Doctor’s degree from Asbury College.
Charles M Kerr

Charles M. Kerr -- Class of 1946 (INDUCTED 1996)

Charles Kerr lettered in football, basketball and baseball in high school and then entered the military where he became an Air Force pilot during the Korean War. His plane was shot down, and he served 18 months in a North Korean Prison. After his service to his country Charles received a degree in education and served as a highly successful teacher and coach for 31 years in the Milwaukee School System.
Robert L Townsend

Robert L. Townsend -- Class of 1938 (INDUCTED 1997)

Bob Townsend remained in Lima after graduation and was a recognized businessman and local politician during his entire career. He was on the board of directors for many organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, Red Cross, Allen County Historical Society, and Salvation Army. Bob was a motivating force behind many other local civic organizations and served as an Allen County Commissioner for five terms.

Steven M. Coolahan

Steven M. Coolahan -- Class of 1974 (INDUCTED 1998)

Steve Coolahan received his doctorate in education and spent his career as a school psychologist where he earned the respect of countless colleagues at the local, state and national levels. He was an active contributor to the National Association of School Psychologists and served as the Chair of the National School Psychology Certification Board which administers the national credential for over 13,000 school psychologists across the country. Steve made countless presentations to professionals in his field throughout the state of Ohio.
Joanne McKibben Bowsher

Joanne McKibben Bowsher -- Class of 1964 (INDUCTED 1999)

Joanne McKibben Bowsher received her college degree from the Ohio State University in 1968 and, following her love of animals, opened her own dog obedience school in the Lima Area. In 1993 she became Executive Director of the Lima-Allen County Humane Society where her aggressive leadership resulted in huge increases in animal adoptions, coordinated programs with other institutions and the implementation of a modern large shelter serving the Lima community.

Beth M. Belton

Beth M. Belton -- Class of 1974 (INDUCTED 2000)

Beth Belton received her degree in journalism from Kent State University and immediately began her steady rise to a nationally recognized journalist. By the age of 24 she was the youngest editor of a daily newspaper in the state of Ohio and within a few years was writing for the Washington Times in the nation’s Capital. Beth specialized in economics and finance and joined USA Today where she has interviewed Federal Reserve Board Chairman and Treasury Secretaries and writes for the financial section of the paper.
Odos C. Craig

Odos C. Craig -- Class of 1938 (INDUCTED 2001)

Odos Craig remained in Allen County and served his community in many capacities. After graduating from Miami University and Bliss Business College, he became a pilot, training pilots during World War II, and later served as a commercial civilian pilot. Odos returned to the Lima area and became a successful businessman. His construction company has built many commercial buildings in the area, and he is highly regarded by business owners throughout the area for his integrity and efficiency.

Pamela R. Fox

Pamela R. Fox -- Class of 1971 (INDUCTED 2002)

Pamela Fox graduated summa cum laude from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and continued her studies obtaining a Ph.D. in musicology. She became a professor of musicology at her alma mater before beginning a career at Miami University in Ohio where she attained the position of Dean of the School of Fine Arts and Professor of Musicology. Pamela is a recognized authority on Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach and music of the nineteenth century and has delivered many papers on her field of expertise.

Charles R. Hunsaker
Charles R. Hunsaker -- Class of 1962 (INDUCTED 2003)

Lt. Col. (R) Charles Hunsaker graduated from Capital University and following his successes as a track and field athlete at Shawnee continued in that field where he distinguished himself as a college athlete and coach. His university team at Southwest Missouri State University won an NCAA championship, and he coached 22 All-Americans. Charles continued his work with athletes while serving in the U.S. Army. He is in both the Shawnee and Capital University Athletic Hall of Fame.

David L. Breese

David L. Breese -- Class of 1964 (INDUCTED 2004)

Colonel David Breese graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1968. He chose a career in the military serving in the Air Force for twenty five years. His field of expertise was in the field of computers. David served in many capacities, his final military position being Vice-Commander of the 7th Communications Group at the Pentagon. After retirement from the service, he continued his career in the field of information management consultation in the D.C. area. 

Michael E. Beall

Michael E. Beall -- Class of 1972 (INDUCTED 2005)

Michael Beall graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in architecture in 1978. He eventually concentrated his efforts in the field of computer aided design. Michael served as an instructor in CAD systems at the University of Louisville and has presented many seminars to private industry. He has also published many articles and manuals in the field of Computer Aided Design.
L. Michael Hone

L. Michael Hone -- Class of 1968 (INDUCTED 2006)

Michael Hone graduated from the Ohio State University with a degree in Business Administration and worked in the field of finance and securities. In 1981, he became involved in the newly developed field of laser bar scanners and quickly rose from a regional sales manager to CEO and then Chairman of the Board in 1989. His expertise then developed to turning failing corporations into profitable businesses. Michael has won many awards for his achievements in the business world.
Jerald H. Clemans

Jerald H. Clemans -- Class of 1965 (INDUCTED 2007)

Jerry Clemans became involved in the area of audio communications immediately out of high school and that interest soon took him to New York City and then the West Coast. He worked for NBC and CBS sports and was one of two technical directors for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. On the West Coast, Jerry worked in Hollywood and won several Emmy Awards for his work in audio production, He has served on the Board of Governors of the Academy of Television and Sciences and is a member of the prestigious Cinema Audio Society.
Randy B. Crites

Randy B. Crites -- Class of 1980 (INDUCTED 2008)

Capt. Randy Crites graduated from the Ohio State University with a degree in engineering and was commissioned to Officer Candidate School in 1985. He was assigned to several submarine deployments and later received a Master of Arts degree. He served in the Pentagon and soon was appointed as Executive Officer aboard the USS NEBRASKA. In 2003 Randy took command of the USS WEST VIRGINIA and in 2008 the USS FLORIDA. He has been awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal and several other personal and unit awards.

Ted W. Bush

Ted W. Bush -- Class of 1969 (INDUCTED 2009)

Ted Bush graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. His involvement in the field of coal pyrolysis and hydropyrolysis, char gasification and combustion of liquid field led him to a lifelong career in the field of energy. Ted is the holder of two U.S. patents and one published research paper.

Thomas Settlemire

Thomas Settlemire -- Class of 1955 (INDUCTED 2010)

Thomas Settlemire received his doctorate in Biochemistry from North Carolina State and joined the Bowdoin College faculty, serving in the biology and chemistry departments. His major research interests have included ion translocation processes in animal cells, biochemistry of B-lymphocyte activation, and use of applied genetic tools to upgrade the health and performance of domestic sheep. Tom received numerous awards for his scientific contributions.
Keith E. Wandell

Keith E. Wandell -- Class of 1968 (INDUCTED 2011)

Keith Wandell received a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Ohio University and an MBA from the University of Dayton.  He has expertise in international business operations and has started businesses in Mexico, South America, China, India and Western and Eastern Europe.  Keith was President and Chief Operating Officer of Johnson Controls, Inc. before becoming President and Chief Executive Officer of Harley Davidson, Inc. in May 2009. 
Charlotte K. Binkley
Charlotte K. Binkley -- Class of 1960 (INDUCTED 2012)

Charlotte Binkley earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Fort Wayne Bible College (later to become Taylor University) and a master’s degree from Indiana University. She taught in the public schools and at the university level before embarking on a long career in radio. Charlotte held various positions with the WBCL Radio Network, Fort Wayne before serving as Executive Director for 21 years. She founded Remedy.fm, an internet station for teenagers, which has over a million teens interacting worldwide.
Joseph C. Runkle

Joseph C. Runkle -- Class of 1967 (INDUCTED 2013)

Joseph Runkle attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned both a bachelor's and a master's degree in Chemical Metallurgy, and a doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering.  After holding positions with Pratt and Whitney Aircraft and later with Industrial Materials Technology, Joe started his own company, UltraClad Corporation. He holds ten U.S. and international patents and is the author or co-author of more than a dozen peer reviewed publications. 
Steven J. Gordon

Steven J. Gordon -- Class of 1993 (INDUCTED 2014)

Steven Gordon earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance with a minor in Spanish from Penn State University, where he received recognition for outstanding leadership.  In 2010, he established scholarships for Shawnee seniors in recognition of their leadership and service to our school, with over 50 Shawnee graduates receiving awards ranging in value from $500.00 to $5,000.00 at the time of his induction.  He has been a major contributor to the Kathie Naab Conwell Memorial Scholarship, as well.  Steve is a partner with MKP Capital Management, a multibillion dollar hedge fund, and serves as a Portfolio Manager focusing on commercial loans.
Donald E. Bruns

Donald E. Bruns -- Class of 1965 (INDUCTED 2015)

Don Bruns majored in English and Music at Bowling Green State University and upon returning to the Lima area, undertook various business ventures, with Adman advertising agency being the most successful.  The agency experienced tremendous growth after he created Hold-It Systems, which was the first messages-on-hold company in the United States.  Before Don sold his agency in 2012, Adman represented over 13,000 clients nationwide.  As a local businessman, he was active in many civic organizations and served on numerous boards.  In recent years, Don has authored several novels which have been published nationally.  The Florida Writer’s Association has twice recognized him with an award for best mystery novel.

Thomas W. Ahl

Thomas W. Ahl -- Class of 1969 (INDUCTED 2016)

Tom Ahl has been a successful businessman in the Lima area since graduating from Northwood University.   In 1974, at the age of 23, Mr. Ahl started an AMC/Jeep dealership.  At the time he was the youngest car dealer in the United States.  In 1981, the company switched over to a Chrysler dealership.  In 1988, Mr. Ahl took over the Buick Store from his father, Bill Ahl.  He added the Hyundai store in 1991.  Mr. Ahl’s stores are located here in Lima on Allentown Road.  In addition to his successful local businesses, Mr. Ahl served on numerous local Boards.  He has also earned numerous awards for his longevity in the car business.

Beverly Sweeney

Beverly Sweeney – Class of 1964 (Inducted 2017)

Beverly (Croft) Sweeney opened Cowan Realtors in 1992.  Since beginning, Cowan Realtors has sold over 1.3 billion dollars of real estate equivalent to over 12,000 transactions.  Mrs. Sweeney has resided in the Lima area her entire life.  She has given her time and generously donated to organizations in the area. Bev has also won numerous awards in her field but she is most proud of the State of Ohio Realtor of the Year award won in 1994 as well as the Woman Owned Business of the Year Award presented to her in 2014 by the Lima Area Chamber of Commerce.

Patrick O'Connor

Patrick O'Connor - Class of 1985 (Inducted 2018)

After graduating from Xavier University in 1989 with a degree in Business/Finance and minor in Marketing with a focus on Theology and Philosophy, Mr. O’Connor spent time working as a commissioned sales agent for the Standard Textile Company in Miami, Florida. He returned to Lima in 1993, working at Range Kleen Manufacturing, Incorporated in different capacities until purchasing Range Kleen from his father Gerald O’Connor. Currently, Mr. O’Connor is the owner and president of Range Kleen. Range Kleen located here in Lima is the #1 brand in range accessories and stands strong behind their “Take Care of the Customer” reputation. Mr. O’Connor works closely with his church and has helped the Shawnee Youth Soccer and Baseball Associations. He also provides the O’Connor Family - Xavier University Scholarship for Shawnee students attending Xavier University. Mr. O’Connor believes in faith, family, friends, learning and making a positive difference.

Tom Roush

Class of 2019 - Distinguished Alumnus – Dr. Thomas F. Roush

Following graduation from Shawnee High School in 1993, Dr. Roush attended Vanderbilt University on a golf scholarship and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a major in Neuroscience while serving as captain of the Vanderbilt golf team his senior year. After graduating from Vanderbilt, Dr. Roush went on to medical school at the University of Cincinnati and graduated with highest honors (junior year Alpha Omega Alpha). Dr. Roush completed his orthopedic surgery residency at Duke University where he was selected chief resident in his final year while awarded the Excellence in Orthopedic Research and Resident Teaching Award. From there Dr. Roush went to the Texas Back Institute to complete a one year spinal surgery fellowship. After 13 years in private practice (the last ten in South Florida), Dr. Roush founded Roush Spine. Roush Spine has grown into the largest solo surgical practice in the world with over 30,000 active patients. Dr. Roush has been selected to the list of Top 100 Spine Surgeons in America from Becker’s Spine Review. Dr. Roush currently resides in Palm Beach County, Florida with his wife Devon and children Juliet and Everett.


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